Vero true social

After 2 years of hard work, All the vero team is really proud to introduce you "Vero"

Vero is a relationship-first social network. We believe there is a greater opportunity to bring the social, the personal, and the true back to social networking. We believe that social means interacting with people you know, like, and trust in a private, advertising-free experience. Protect. Share. Collect.

PROTECT WHAT YOU LOVE Vero delivers a true connection with the people that matter to you and a level of permanence in a fleeting social environment.

SHARE WHAT YOU LOVE Vero serves the needs and desires for people who want a safe, genuine reflection of their real life relationships in an online setting - allowing you to share personal moments with those in your inner circle and collect broader ideas with your greater network.

COLLECT WHAT YOU LOVE What was the book your best friend loved? Where was that restaurant that your colleague raved about? Who was that band that your brother saw last week? Vero helps you remember the important things, shared by the important people in your everyday life

REAL-TIME CHAT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS With Vero, you can send and receive instant messages within the app and display photos directly in your stream. Not just another messaging app but a fluid bridge between your social connections.

You can now download the app right now!

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Give us feedback and spread the world please !! remember you can share privately ! it's AD free ! You can say " i don't recommend".