I’m Fred
Sr Product Designer — Design advisor

Designer since 15 years, focus on users experience. I Help companies and startups creating amazing experiences.

Vero True social

Product designer Since 2013

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Tag Heuer Golf

I’ve been creative director for this app.
I‘ve also done the whole UI and Ux
including illustrations for iOS , Android and both TAG Heuer watch and Apple watch.

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Angell Bike

I worked on Angell Global Créative
Direction including Bike app, iOS,
Android application & website +
Communications and social content.

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Tamara Mellon

Worked on TM in 2018
Redefining luxury with the finest boots, pumps, sandals, and flats. Time-honored luxury shoes at direct-to-women prices.

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Pickable, ready to mingle.

worked on Pickable on 2019
Pickable is the first and only dating platform
to prioritize women's privacy and limit their
exposure to unwanted solicitations in the online dating world

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Webtoon Factory

La Webtoon Factory, c'est la première plateforme
de création originale de webtoons en Europe.
On fait le max pour te proposer le meilleur du webtoon.

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