I’m Fred
Sr Product Designer — Design advisor

Designer since 15 years, focus on users experience. I Help companies and startups creating amazing experiences.


Votre compte sous stérousionner un compte bancaire traditionnel avec un wallet non-custodial, c'est l'objectif de Deblock.ïdes

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Vero True social

Product designer Since 2013

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Tag Heuer Golf

I’ve been creative director for this app.
I‘ve also done the whole UI and Ux
including illustrations for iOS , Android and both TAG Heuer watch and Apple watch.

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Angell Bike

I worked on Angell Global Créative
Direction including Bike app, iOS,
Android application & website +
Communications and social content.

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Tamara Mellon

Worked on TM in 2018
Redefining luxury with the finest boots, pumps, sandals, and flats. Time-honored luxury shoes at direct-to-women prices.

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